Dell laptop touchpad is not working

I installed Rocky 8.6 in my laptop, everything works except mouse touchpad. I know newer versions work but I need Rocky 8.6. Any idea how to configure the touchpad?

Officially there is only one Rocky 8 and it is currently based on RHEL 8.8 content. Considering the amount of compatibility that Red Hat has within RHEL, one has to ask what actually “needs” the “.6”?

The touchpad is about drivers, and ELRepo does have kmod-* packages for the el8 kernels, but you have to check whether they have one for that touchpad. ELRepo’s upstreams kernels (kernel-lt and kernel-ml) do have way more drivers than RHEL kernels, but of course they are not “el8_6” kernels (if the need is kernel-related).

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