Curl HTTP Framing Error

Having consistent issue in curl package as part of rocky 8.6 base image used for project .
curl command used to fetch certificates in tar format and below error is consistent .
curl: (16) Error in the HTTP2 framing layer

After continuous retries it fails with below error
curl: (55) SSL_write() returned SYSCALL, errno = 32

Our CI is blocked with the above issue .
However as per community we have some higher version of curl packaged as part of Fedora Linux .

Note: "Curl packaged with base image is 1.7.61” and fix is said to be available in 1.7.65 which is currently not available as part of rocky linux also some users have said 1.7.71 also has similar issues .
kindly request anyone to support here to unblock us .

Rocky has the same version of curl that is in RHEL8. Newer versions can appear but they are dependent on whatever version RHEL upgrades to.

If you need a newer version of curl that is not included in Rocky, then you have a few options:

  1. Compile your own version of curl that you require.
  2. Wait until curl is upgraded in RHEL and maybe it will be the version you need but this could take quite some time.
  3. Use a distribution that already has the version of curl that you require.

Since Rocky is 1:1 of RHEL, means it will only have the same versions of packages that RHEL has. Which means if RHEL doesn’t have the version you want, then Rocky won’t have either.

Note also that Red Hat backports fixes and features to RHEL. What is backporting and how does it affect Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)? - Red Hat Customer Portal
Therefore, version numbers of packages in RHEL (and hence Rocky) are not the same thing as upstream version numbers. If a package in Rocky has a bug (that is not due to how Rocky is built), then the bug is in RHEL package and Red Hat has to fix it (which they can’t know if they don’t know about the bug).

An another issue is that some packages (usually libs) are used by system tools. Curl could be one – or how does DNF fetch packages from repos? If system tools depend on specific features (of curl) and you replace curl with your version (that lacks some of those features), then those system tools do break. Been there, done that, was not pretty. :flushed:

You can have different version as long as it does not erase system’s version and is not found by system tools.