Upgrade apache and OpenSSL in Rocky 8.6

Hi Support,

Due to security issue, I would like to upgrade Apache and OpenSSL in Rocky 8.6. I added EPEL repository and still can’t use dnf/yum command to get the latest version of both Apache and OpenSSL, I checked that only one way for the upgrade in Rocky is by building from source (e.g… Configure/make/make install). I don’t want to use this method for the upgrade. Is there any alternative method for doing the upgrade?


Compiling openssl and apache from source is not supported and not recommended.

Note: Rocky 8.6 is end of life and not supported. Please update to Rocky 8.8. If you have modified your dnf repo configuration in any way to avoid being able to update, undo your changes and then run dnf update to get to full. See our version policy here.

openssl will remain on the 1.1.X branches for the rest of Rocky Linux 8’s life. httpd will also likely remain on 2.4.37. Both will receive backports until 2029. Please see the following.