Change directory failed: Permission denied Logging in with home = "/"

I created 3 Rocky Linux 8 VMs, a frontend machine and two nodes. The frontend have two network interfaces, one towards the outside (with access to the public network) and the other towards the private intracluster network, created specifically for the communication between frontend and computing nodes.

Compute nodes have only one network interface, configured on the intracluster network, and can access the public network using the frontend as a gateway.

On the frontend machine, I need to create three users, each of which will have their own local home directory.

The same three users will also have to be created on the computing nodes, but in this case their home will not be physically on the node, although visible under /home, but on the frontend.

Users will be able to access their data, for reading and writing, both from the frontend and from the computing nodes.

I mounted nfs mixing this guides:

Everything works fine except for this problem when i try to login as userX on a computing node:

change directory failed

I’m new to Linux so sorry if i miss something or i made any mistake in explanation

What is the output of namei -l /home/utente1 from cn01?

Hi quartsize, this is the output

namei cn01