Cannot boot after failed upgrade to 9.1

My current VPS had Rocky Linux 8.7 and I started the upgrade process so that I could run on the latest version, but it failed halfway through because the CPU type in Proxmox was not “host” but instead was the default one. I changed the CPU type, so I could run without getting a Kernel Panic, but it still can’t boot. I got the following errors:

Failed to start Load Kernel Modules 

Failed to start Load/Save Random Seed. 

Failed to start Apply Kernel Variables. 

Failed to start Monitoring of LVM2 … sing dmeventd or progress polling. 

Failed to start Rule-based Manager for Device Events and Files. (Got this error several times in a short interval) 

I also got “Welcome to Rocky Linux 9.1 (Blue Onyx)” and “Welcome to Rocky Linux 8.7 (Green Obsidian) so it seems it has done the update halfway

Finally, I got “Give root password for maintenance” and it gives me “Login Incorrect” even though the correct password is entered. On the grub loading screen, I have the choice to load with two different Rocky Linux 8.5 Kernels, the 8.7 one and the 8.5 rescue one but I still get the same errors. I also can’t open any shells

I have also tried loading from the Live CD and going into the “Rescue a Rocky Linux system”. I chose option 1 (Continue) and it says, “You don’t have any Linux partitions.”. I also can’t mount the partitions, when I execute “lvscan” it shows all of them as inactive. But when I run “vgchange -ay” and re-run the command it shows them as active.

Is there any way to fix the Rocky Linux installation?
Thanks in advance,

If you have any backups or snapshots, you may want to recover that way. Beyond that, there is likely no other way for you recover from this.

Note: Upgrades are not supported. See here.

Alright, I’ll see if I’m able to get some data back and then reinstall.