Block dm-0: the capability attribute has been deprecated

Does anyone know what this system message for Rocky Linux 9.3 means?

block dm-0: the capability attribute has been deprecated

It doesn’t seem to have adverse effect but I am highly curious.
I have discovered so far that dm-0 is the lvm root volume created at installation. There is an entry in the RedHat web when I searched for it but I cannot access the answer since I do not have a subscription. When I searched over here, the message appears in some pasted output from someone having a driver problem but it is not related.

One should probably ask what the “capability attribute” is?
First hit on websearch: linux - What do the Block Device Capability flags mean? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
If trusted, then the attribute was added to kernel in 2017, but did not find wider use, so is already decided not to be used.

My guess is that something does read that attribute and system makes a note about the futility of that.

@jlehtone Thank you for taking the time to respond and to point a direction.
Something is calling the function disk_capability_show from genhd.c since that’s the function that has the exact deprecated message. I have not been able to locate, yet what does so. The estrange case is that at one point it was showing up at the same time that dracut and udev, but now it happens at the very end of the boot up, the prompt at the console shows for log in and then it gets clubbed with that message.

After quite a bit of investigation into the boot process I am satisfied to have found the service that triggers that response from the kernel. It is kdump.service.