Backport of JDK-8301341 to Java 17 and availability in Rocky Linux 8 sream

[JDK-8301341] LinkedTransferQueue does not respect timeout for poll() - Java Bug System (
Above Java bug is fixed by OpenJDK in Java 21 and 22. The issue is reported on Java 17 and not yet backported. Is there a way to seek back port of this issue to Java 17 and availability of same in Rocky 8?

If Red Hat release it for RHEL8, then Rocky 8 will have it.

Have you tried switching to OpenJDK Java 21 instead?

Thank you. Is there a way Rocky community could request OpenJDK to initiate the backport to Java 17?

Yes that is planned for the next release. The current release with Java 17 is blocked and the backport would help.