Azure Rocky image on marketplace

Im an an Azure CSP (we sell Azure at a discount to ISVs) could please check the box to enable CSP ?
Cloud Solution Provider - Microsoft commercial marketplace - Azure | Microsoft Docs

That way my customers can get your Marketplace offer.

It would be most appreciated.

Azure should, as far as I am aware, support Rocky on these extensions. Rocky should be listed on that page, and I’ll see what I can do to help that.

I’m also glad that AWS has us listed, we should definitely strive to be added to the MSFT ones, as you mentioned.

Azure is willing to support Rocky on their cloud. The issue here was purely a legal one with the RESF being unable to take on certain requirements for a commercial partnership with MSFT. However, we’re still publishing the images, and Microsoft is still supporting Rocky on the platform. In short, I wouldn’t worry too much about it–Microsoft is not “anti rocky” in any way.

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Hi Frank,

I think we can probably do this. I will file a ticket to get it scheduled.


Glad to hear you now have it on your list to push for Rocky to be on the extension. The issue I ran into within the last few months may be purely a training and documentation issue then. I was literally told by their support that they would refuse to assist with troubleshooting their extensions because Rocky was not on the list of supported OSs. Indeed they threatened to close a ticket unless I spun up a CentOS 8.5 VM to continue troubleshooting since that was on their supported list. It did not matter that CentOS 8.5 was no longer supported … only what was on that list seemed to matter.

In any case, any assistance/pushing you can do to get Rocky Linux listed on that page is most appreciated!

I’m really glad this is making some headway now, however I have a couple of recommendation based of our usage.

Is it possible for you to change the publisher name to something that’s a bit more friendly? In our infra templates we have now has to replace ‘OpenLogic’ and ‘CentOS’ to ‘erockyenterprisesoftwarefoundationinc1653071250513’ and ‘rockylinux’ this doesn’t look as genuine and might put off some people using these images.

Secondly, most marketplace images have multiple SKUs for each release, so OpenLogic CentOS has ‘8_3-gen2’, ‘8_4-gen2’ and ‘8_5-gen2’ which means I can be explicit when build VMs. Instead you just have a SKU named ‘free’ which doesn’t make it clear what base image is being used, and if I was to build a VM 2 weeks apart, I don’t actually know if the Rocky version might have changed. (Eg from 8.6 to 9.0)

To use this image, I also have to select a payment plan, which I can set to free, but most images don’t need this. This means this image is not a drop in replacement for CentOS images that don’t need this. Its not a deal-breaker, but it means you need to add plan information to templates as well as the image information. I’m hoping that working with Microsoft these images will be marked as first party, avoiding this in the future.


I have created an Azure VM from Rocky a couple of times.
I tell Azure to use my usual existing ssh key.

I am unable to log in with the ssh key.
I set up to use the serial console, login with my 76 character password (kidding) and look at the SSH key, with the following command.

[eyeadmin@Rocky-8-2 ~]$ cat .ssh/authorized_keys
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABgQCmzAqw9WsJwNqckmkVOsAq5uMA b8peb0XZsk+BfPNg+JXJtkMtpmgEC5yFek1KEVErr52W2YDUvLbtzmUxdBEZ8nC3
… several lines removed here …
Zy81zSCEzpmVuEbA8A+Waj8JuWaEGHX+H8dESXU= generated-by-azure

[eyeadmin@Rocky-8-2 ~]$ cat /etc/rocky-release
Rocky Linux release 8.6 (Green Obsidian)

As you can see, “something” has wrapped the key over multiple lines. And added “generated-by-azure” (Wha?)
Going by the first and last 20 chars or so, this is the right public key, but it won’t work this way.
I have not had this problem on other images, so it seems possible that something in the setup of the Rocky image is changing the key as it copies it to the authorized_keys file.


Any other information I can provide?


I saved a copy of the authorized_keys file and edited the original, removing the line breaks, and ^M’s and got the key all on one line.

I was then able to log in with my usual key. This means that Rocky got the pub key I expected Azure to give it.

I think I should have put this in its own ticket, not hijacking this one.
Will repost.