Official Azure marketplace image

I am wondering if the official offering of Rocky in the Azure marketplace will get ‘cleaned’ up.
In particular, the publisher name (erockyenterprisesoftwarefoundationinc1653071250513) is a bit rough compared to “cognosys”. That can make it harder to filter when searching via cli.

Also the pricing model, although $0.00 is not ‘free’, so the image does not show up if you filter for free.
This also causes it to require an added step of accepting the license for the subscription, which can be an permission not available for some (that permission is managed by finance, not IS). Making it difficult, if not impossible, for some people to deploy it.

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Regarding the publisher name: yes. I’m working on that however it requires us to get re-approved, which is a pain to get done. Not impossible, just takes some time.

I did not realize that this was the case with respect to the cost/subscription. That was definitely not the intention, but I don’t think I there is any option other than the way I created the offer. I believe Microsoft requires the adoption of a license for any image being used from the marketplace, but I will take a look and see if there is something I missed in my research.