Audio file meta data editor


I have used easytag on CentOs 7 to edit meta data tags for mp3 audio files and am looking for something similar for rocky 8.

Does anybody know about a similar app/package for rocky 8?



Rocky Linux has flatpak installed.

Flatpak allows you to install any package listed at

At you will find a number of id3 tag editors including Easytag, Ex Falso, Kid3, etc. There are also some music players that contain tag editing capabilities.

I found that Ex falso worked the best on Rocky.

You just need to add the Flathub repository to Rocky.
A good article about this is:

PS once you have added the flathub repo to Rocky, all the packages on will appear in Gnome Software and you can search and install them.

Hope this helps.

Thanks RL100. It worked. I’ve installed the audio file metadata editor now.