Any official Rocky Linux AMI for AWS China marketplace?

Currently in AWS China AMI marketplace, there isn’t any official Rocky Linux publish? Any reason why it’s available in Global region, but not in China region?

Hi @jorp, do you have an idea if Rocky Linux AMI would be available in AWS China?

He is no longer part of the Rocky Linux project. Pinging him will not do any good here.

We do not have access to AWS in China. As far as I know, the process to publishing images there is much different from what we do in the rest of the world. We have received similar requests in regards to azure, but as the process is different and we have no access to those clouds, there is not much we can do at this time.

@neil and @tgmux would have to chime in, but that is where it starts.

Appreciate for your reply. I’m concern if there is any Chinese regulations or restriction from using Rocky Linux system in AWS China. Would someone from Rocky help to address this? Thanks!