Add keyboard language at user login

Can anyone tell me where I can a keyboard setup on the user login page? I have added the keyboards I want in the gnome preferences but these keyboards are not offered for the user login.

I presume there must a file that keeps this info, but I cannot work out where. Any help is most welcome.
Thank you

if I understand, you want to be able to have multiple keymap locale at login screen.
I first thinking that was a locale issue (tools “# localectl status” change it “# locale set-keymap be”)
But regarding multiple keymap selection at login screen, I don’t know → sorry for the noise

Hello Virer
Multiple keyboards would be great, but having the right keyboard would be an excellent start.
Sorry for my ignorance but where would I find the above commands. I looked in GRUB and did not see anything like the above. Many thanks

You need to run those command in a terminal console (not in GRUB cli).
So log in as user and type the following command to see what is the current configuration :
$ localectl status

Then you can change it by using the following command with the “right” option/parameter prefixed by “sudo” to have more privileges :
$ sudo localectl set-keymap <YOUR_CHOOSEN_KEYMAP_VALUE>

so it give something like this for French keyboard for example :
$ sudo localectl set-keymap fr

if you are in Germany you may use something like this :
$ sudo localectl set-keymap de

You can list available keymap using :
$ localectl list-keymaps

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Perfect. Your suggestion has worked perfectly for me. I can’t see how I can add another keyboard, but having the right one is great.
Many thanks Virer.