About the Localization category

This category is for discussions relating to localization, translations, and the like.

There are various bit and pieces that require localization (L10n).

One imported part are the upstream projects. To make the L10n support for Rocky Linux better, consider to contribute there:

Rocky Linux website

Just a note for everyone reading through this category that if you’re offering translations and there are no replies yet, that is not because you or your work is unwanted! There are many things to do before there’s something to translate or a way to translate things.

If you don’t see a topic about translating a language you speak, please feel free to create a new thread so others can add their voice and start building a community of Rocky Linux translators. I hope to see a lot of languages here! :slight_smile:

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I think it’s good to have writers/translator and a few reviewers for the translations for each localization.
This to limit translation faults and typo’s in the published packages.

To catch those mistakes and typos it’s very imported that it happen early in the whole process. I already mentioned the upstream project. Fedora and Gnome have already established L10n projects but there are never enough hands to do the work and eyes to spot the issues.