Windows ca - certificate for linux

Hello, could you explain to me how to generate a certificate and then sign it via Windows ca?
I’m try many times using open’ssl, and then sing using website:

Can someone explain me, step by step how i can do it ?

From what I know, Windows generates certs in pkcs12 format. You can then just convert pkcs12 to pem format so that you can extract the certificate, private key, and also CA certificate. Then just use those exported items for Linux.

Plenty of google results for that: windows ca export certificate for linux - Google Search

Aside from the conversion; when would someone want (or need) to use a Windows certificate on Rocky?

When you are using Windows Certificate Authority to generate and sign certificates, as your own internal CA that is trusted, rather than using self-signed certificates or purchasing certificates. Internal CA’s are common especially in companies for their internal servers. I personally would run an internal CA on Linux - which I do in fact. I don’t use Windows. But some people do…