Which RHEL version.release can be migrated to Rocky Linux 8 or 9

We have RHEL systems running in RHEL 7.x.

I would like to understand whether these systems can be migrated to RockyLinux 8 or 9.

This will require you to stand up 8 and/or 9 systems, determine how you will migrate your data, and proceed with the migration.

Note: There are no upgrade paths supported by this project.

Hi @nazunalika, Thanks for the details. I thought I could use the migrate2Rocky tool ( Migrating To Rocky Linux - Documentation) to migrate. Can I not use this tool to migrate the system to Rocky Linux? I would like to understand why the migrate2Rocky tool cannot be used.

What is Migrating To Rocky Linux - Documentation used for ?

No. migrate2rocky is for converting an already running 8 system (RHEL and derivatives) to Rocky Linux 8. migrate2rocky9 is for 9 systems being converted to Rocky Linux 9. It is not used for upgrades from 7 to 8 or 9.