Where is: Gimp-devel

Using a freshly installed Rocky 9.1 (x86-64), installed gimp and want to build a gimp extentsion, which won’t build because I don’t appear to have gimp-devel RPM installed.

Unfortunately, I CAN’T FIND gimp-devel anywhere. I have, in addition to the “normal” Rocky repos, epel, and rpmfusion. None of them offers gimp-devel. Is gimp-devel not available in Rocky, for some reason?

Thanks in advance!


dnf install gimp-devel --enablerepo=devel will get you what you need.

When in doubt, dnf search --enablerepo=devel to see if you can find what you need. You can also search here: https://rockylinux.pkgs.org/

OK,Thanks, I found gimp-devel and gimp-devel-tools there, installed them.

for some reason I have not yet understood, the build for resynthesizer STILL complains that I don’t have the gimp development libraries. Will look into it more tomorrow (my bedtime is past so I can’t dig much more tonight).