What are best practices for rockylinux 9 for productionsystem

Hi I just wish to know what are best practices for Rocky Linux 9 TO follow for production purpose

Which version of Rocky Linux is stable for production purpose ?

What precaution to follow for updates ? Security updates

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Both Rocky 8 and Rocky 9 are stable. One goes end-of-life in 2029, and the other in 2032. It’s based on RHEL. Both can be used for production.

This is not CentOS Stream or Fedora, which are basically test and unstable versions, Fedora like Debian SID/unstable and CentOS like Debian Testing pretty much.

Thanks for the quick reply
Can you plz suggest what precaution or steps we should follow for any os security , kernel or other updates for production ? ANY Specific steps instruction , repo we should follow

I personally update my systems using:

dnf update

some just apply security updates by using an additonal parameter:

dnf update --security

Which you choose depends on what you want to do. The default repos are BaseOS and AppStream. There are other repos that can be used, and again any updates made to those repositories you will get when you run the commands above.

Some people have even asked similar questions for RHEL which can be found with a quick search eg: updating rhel best practice: What is the best practice to upgrade/patch the RHEL Servers? - Red Hat Customer Portal

Thanks for the reply

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