VMM slow interface to Windows

I have Windows running in a VM with no issues.
I can connect to it with TigerVNC and get a reasonable speed interface.

What I can’t do is get any performance out of the VMM manager display. I’ve loaded the virtIO.

I’m using Cockpit as an alternative way to look into this VM.

This is clearly not the experience of others. Is there something I haven’t loaded?

Seems the default install and Wayland don’t get on. In X11 things sorta mostly work.

Feels like it needs a few people with different hardware to do a “lab” on it and end up with a write up that is better than what exists. The VMM with Windows 10 in it doesn’t seem to be stable.

Nothing I’ve seen yet looks like something that could be used for a graphics program.

After 3 days of reading and testing… I’m wondering if I’ve already pasted what it wold have cost in time to duel boot for a year?