'virt-what' script is missing from the Rocky 8.5 installer shell

Hi every one,
Firstly, as this is my first post, I want to convey a huge thank you to the Rocky Linux team for making this distribution possible!

I have been migrating my kickstart scripts from RHEL 8 to Rocky Linux 8.5 and discovered that the ‘virt-what’ script is missing in the installer shell. Normally its location is ‘/sbin/virt-what’, but it is not found anywhere.

Note that the script does exist in the Rocky 8.4 DVD ISO image and it exists in the RHEL 8.5 distro ISO image as well and is available from the installer shell. In those ISOs it is found here:


Was this utility excluded from 8.5 for some specific reason? Will it included again in a subsequent ISO update?

Thank you.