Vagrant vbox image only has a 5GB disk

Hey @javiroman,

The Rocky Linux Vagrant VirtualBox image only provides a 5GB hard disk. As per the Vagrant documentation:

make sure the user will have enough disk space to do interesting things, without being annoying. For example, in VirtualBox, you should create a dynamically resizing drive with a large maximum size.

I’m assuming this was mistake considering there’s not enough space to install Docker engine.

I suggest using a dynamic disk set to a large size such as 100GB or more.

For comparison, the official CentOS image provides 40GB of space while the Alpine Linux image provides 13GB of space. Not sure why they artificially limit the drive size when using dynamic disks.


Is this the proper place for a bug report regarding the Vagrant boxes? If there’s a dedicated bug tracker let me know and I can submit this issue there instead.


Just a thought, is it really necessary to modify the disk included in the image? If you are using it in a Vagrant setup where you need X GB of disk, cant you just add a secondary disk and mount it somewhere when the machine is bootstrapped?

In this example, it looks like you can do something like:

disk = './secondDisk.vdi'
    iscsitarget.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |vb|
      unless File.exist?(disk)
        vb.customize ['createhd', '--filename', disk, '--variant', 'Fixed', '--size', 20 * 1024]