Upgrade to rocky 9.1

Hi Team,

I am trying to upgrade rocky 8.7 hosted in aws to rocky 9.1 but when i am rebooting the instance after the upgrade is complete. My system is crashing. It is not able to get ip address assigned / NIC is not coming up. On reaching to aws they told that they dont have access to OS level logs due to privacy and asked me to check with concerned OS creator.

Please let me know if there is any fix on this.

I’m sorry that you’re having issues. Unfortunately upgrades between major releases are not supported. Please see the wiki for more information.

If you took a backup/snapshot of your system before performing the upgrade, I would revert back to it. If you wish to move to Rocky Linux 9, we recommend that you backup data and configuration, deploy a new instance, and restore your data and configuration where necessary.

Let me ask a rather funny question.

Are there available tools for taking the entire system backup prior to may be mounting a different Filesystem?