Unable to login Rocky generic cloud image

The rocky linux 8.8 generic cloud image instance is unable to login by using SSH key and also unable reset the root password from safe mode in Openstack.

Is there any other way to reset the password vm login or apply ssh keys?

Usually, you apply the SSH keys during the deployment of the image, so that cloud-init injects them into the instance.

I’ve used the Rocky Generic images on OpenStack before and this works perfectly. I’ll download the new image now though and try it just in case, but I would expect it to work assuming the steps for creating the instance were followed correctly.

Yep, just tested, the image works fine, so I’m guessing something went wrong for you when deploying the instance. I downloaded the Rocky 8.8 - Rocky-8-GenericCloud-Base.latest.x86_64.qcow2

Ensure your SSH key has been uploaded to OpenStack, and you are using this option as below:

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