Unable to apply a security policy during install?

Hi all,

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As the title says I haven’t been able to successfully get a security policy (DISA Stig or CIS) to apply during install, from the GUI config it says ‘Everything OK’ but fails with this in the middle of installing: https://i.imgur.com/kTMXyua.png

I’ve exported the error logs but there’re 44 of and I can’t seem to find much in them that suggests what the issue is.

I’ve played around with different configurations but it doesn’t seem to care, I can get past the error but I’ve no idea what state the server is in so I just start again. One thing I haven’t tried is letting it fail and getting into it afterwards to use openscap to test how much it actually did.

Any help would be appreciated!

I have tried to reproduce this in RHEL8.4 but it works fine so I’ve submitted a bug.