Tutorials New User and Advanced User

Does anyone know where the Rocky New User Tutorial and Advanced User Tutorial are at?

The doc- and wiki-site might be a good place to start. :slight_smile:

There is not anything there regarding the New User and Advanced User Tutorials that you get a badge for, Some good stuff though.

There is more than just “some” good stuff. :slight_smile:

No, the titles aren’t specific like, “if you’re a new user read this one”, etc - they are more topic/subject releated.

It’s looks a bit like there are no too many guides there, but you have to dig through the (hamburger) menu.

If you navigate through Guides, Books, Labs and Gemstones - there are a lot more. For both new &/or advanced users. :crossed_fingers: :+1: :open_book:

rl_guides rl_sys

So its pretty safe to say you have no idea where they are. Interesting thanks for the effort though.

A “badge”? Do you mean the use of this forum?

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Most likely yes. It’s a discourse thing so a quick google for discourse new user/advanced user tutorial gives some results: discourse new user advanced user tutorial - Google Search

This is what I am referring to if it still exists:
Advanced User

@TecWolf Yeah, that’s never been a thing in the Rocky docs. It’s certainly an idea though.

My question was where it is or if it exists, efdevse advised to look in documentation which I spent hours in before I moved my production servers to Rocky Linux a couple years ago due to CentOS 7.9 reaching EOL. Rocky Linux is the Rock Star of Server operating systems to me and Desktop too! The best and most stable Desktop platform I have ever had (running Rocky 8.x with KDE Plasma). Do these tutorials exist? I have been doing tutorials pretty regularly in Udemy lately for a couple hours a day as they provide a lot of useful nuggets. So I saw that badge and wanted to do those tutorials to see what I might be missing.

@TecWolf See my google search link. You start them by chatting with Discourse’s discobot to start the new user tutorial and advanced tutorial. This is a Discourse thing, which the Rocky forums utilises. When you joined, no doubt you should have some DM’s from discobot already.

Those commands to start the tutorial work on any forum using Discourse’s software. So it’s not unique for Rocky.

Thanks Ian! This looks like what I was looking for.

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Just went through my DM archive to find the discobot ones I did:



Hi Ian,
Do I need an invite to the Discord Rockylinux forum?

No, this forum that you are writing on now is Discourse. You use the DM functionality as seen in the above screenshots. Check your DM archive to see if you can find the discobot messages you received before.

Alternatively, go to your profile here and click the messages tab, and then click the button for New Messages and write a new message to discobot.


Found it! Very cool, thanks for your help!

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