Turkish Translation

Hi All,
I can help you for Turkish Translation.


I can help Turkish Translation.

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Hi all, I can also help for Turkish Translation.

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Can you all help us out with translating the website then?

If you look in the i18n folder, you can create a new language file (based off en.toml or es.toml in there for Turkish!

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Hello, tr.toml is translated before me :slight_smile: but forum site or voice channels for Turkish community can be translated or implemented by me if its required.(Forum, Teamspeak, Raidcall, IRC, ICQ and other stuff)

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You can count me. :metal:
Such as Turkish translation, development, for the community etc.

Spoiler :)

Trust me i’m an developer. :computer:

I can help too. Add me to the list :wink:

I can also help for Turkish translation. Please add me to the list.

As discussed in the last meeting, I’m ready to help with “Simplified Documentation” and “Documentation Translation” (Turkish) as well as website translation when needed.

I am ready to assist you in translation in Turkish.