Trying to build javapackages-bootstrap module but failed, getting "java.lang.StackOverflowError"

Hello community, I was trying to maintain a distro similar to Rocky Linux and was wondering if I can get some help here.

I noticed that maven 3.8 was introduced in rhel8.7. And Rocky linux successfully built it: maven-3.8-8070020221108111154.c806eb65 | Build Info | Rocky Linux Build Service

I also wanted to build maven 3.8 on my Koji and MBS, but I failed to build buildrequires of its buildrequires “javapackages-tools 202201”.
“javapackages-bootstrap 202201” to be precise.
After the first two components: javapackages-bootstrap and javapackages-tools, the rest of the component rpms failed with similar error “java.lang.StackOverflowError”. I cannot figure out why.

Although failed in MBS id 1040: Builds | Rocky Linux Build Service, rocky succeeded in the next try 1041: tagID=2214
Could someone tell me what changed between these two MBS build? How rocky managed to do it?
Thanks a lot!

Nothing changed between the builds. Your best bet is going to come down to just retrying until it succeeds.

Thanks for the tip! This is bizarre. :joy: