Trouble installing on Proliant DL series G10

Has anyone tried to install RL 8.4 or 8.5 on new Proliant DL series Gen 10 servers. I can’t seem to get the server to see the USB drive. RL 8.5 on 16Gb USB made with Rufus: GPT partitioning, UEFI mode. I have searched Google for Centos 8 installs on this configuration and have had no luck finding information. Previous G8 servers had no trouble with RL 8.



DL 380 G10 is on the certified list of RHEL 8.

Rufus is notorious. At least with CentOS Linux ISOs one has to select non-default options in Rufus to get valid USB, AFAIK. I presume that you did those steps and can boot other machines with that USB?

Then again, I haven’t used Rufus. I use dd or PXEboot. Don’t have HPE hardware either.

Secure Boot – RL 8.4 did not have support for it, but RL 8.5 should.

I always use iLO on my HPE servers, try virtually mounting the disk and installing the OS through there.

If for some reason you can’t use iLO as suggested above, I’d recommend Ventoy rather than Rufus. It seems to work fine on most or all UEFI, & it has the advantage that once it has formatted & setup the USB stick, all you need to do is copy your iso’s directly onto the stick. That means you can have several iso’s on one stick, & you get a menu at boot where you can select which iso you want to boot from.

Thanks rindi!

Ventoy rocks. Ran the setup tool and copied RL 8.5 to the USB and booted right away. Rocky is happily installing as I write this.