To update Firefox You need to restart the server

to update Firefox You need to restart the server
It’s incredible.
Do you need to restart the server for all software updates on the desktop

Says who?

  • For a “client program” like Firefox you just need to close the old, if it is running, and update.
  • Services, like httpd, are mostly stopped and restarted automatically by the update process.
  • Library updates logically require that all processes using the library are restarted.
    Only for core libs, like glibc that is used by everything, a reboot is necessary.
  • You have to reboot to to get new kernel into use, although there is already some “live patch” to avoid that.

Overall, no, there is no need to restart except in rare cases.

There is a list of such packages by RedHat

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As was said, you don’t need to. However, I think Gnomes “Software Update” Application want’s always to reboot. Maybe you mean that? Just avoid it and update from command line if it’s bothering you.