Timeline for Rocky 9.1?

Hey all. I know that Rocky lags slightly behind RHEL on releases, version 9 lagged by about 2 months. I’m wondering if this same lag is expected for 9.1, or if that may be faster for the dot releases.

There are a number of bugs I’m up against in Rocky 9 that I’ve confirmed this weekend are all fixed in RHEL 9.1 Beta.

A major release (this means any .0) takes longer to build than a normal point release. This is why there was a significant delay. This is on top of introducing a new build system.

We usually say give it at least a week before seeing a new point release. 8.7 will be released shortly. When 9.1 is announced from Red Hat, wait at least a week for Rocky 9.1 as we need to build and send it to our testing team for openqa testing…

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I don’t speak in any official capacity at all, but in general the “rebuild” versions (whether its CentOS from before the change, or Scientific,or Alma, or Rocky, or …) the answer is alway “it’s ready when it’s ready”.

These projects make best efforts (and they do really try hard), but if you need guaranteed patch timelines then pay for upstream commercial support.

(I’m hitting that at work where the CentOS project is running slow on RHEL7 patches. I’m just telling my managers that vulns are still being patched within the corporate timelines!)

Answer is what I was hoping for, and I totally understand the testing schedule. :wink: