Systemd-cryptsetup, luks, and passphrase entry (failed to activate)

A few days ago I installed Green Obsidian on a Dell Precision 7540.

I shrunk down the drive using Windows 10 and then updated the BIOS settings, like turning RAID off and using AHCI, and allowing USB booting.

I booted off USB and installed Rocky Linux 8.5, the install went smoothly, kudos to the Rocky community on a great installer!

I have been running updates and installs and using the system over the last few days, and did reboot a few times, entering the LUKS passphrase and successfully logging in.

But on this last reboot, which did include an upgrade, the boot process is getting stuck after I try entering my LUKS encryption key passphrase, and kicking me out to a “dracut” prompt.

From dracut prompt I can see /dev/nvme0n1p7 with the UUID for the partition were Green Obsidian is installed, and it shows with type “crypto_LUKS”.

Using journalctl I can see at the end:
systemd[1]: Failed to start Cryptography Setup for luks-UUID

Here UUID is e8aef38d-5b3d-baaa-0c8bd4a124ff

And prior to that:
systemd-cryptsetup[705]: Failed to activate with specified passphrase. (Passphrase incorrect?)

I don’t think I am entering the wrong passphrase but don’t know how to verify that.

Also early on in the journalctl output I see:
stystemd-cryptsetup[705]: WARNING: Locking directory /run/cryptsetup is missing!

Inspecting from dracut prompt I can see that the /run/cryptsetup directory did get created and with rwx perms for root only, but I see that directory is still empty, wonder if there should be any files in there.

Another thing I see early on in the journalctl output, but after that WARNING above, is:
systemd[1]: Starting Setup Virtual Console …
systemd[1]: Started Forward Password Requests to Plymouth

I don’t know what Plymouth is, I wonder if it expected the password forwarding to Plymouth, and thinking that may be causing the issue here, namely that my passphrase is not working for the LUKS volume decryption.

Note I don’t know how to capture the logs, journalctl, and terminal output from the console while I’m at the dracut prompt after the failed boot. Maybe there is a way to copy the files to a USB drive and then get then attached to the forum post?

I have rebooted several times and the error is consistent.

I am writing from a different laptop, an older Lenovo Y50-70 Touch, on which I also have installed Green Obsidian, also with LUKS encryption, and am having no issues with that one.

Any help that can be provided to enable me to decrypt and bootup is appreciated, thank you!