Syslog service blinking red


Today I noticed the following in my /etc/systemd/system folder

It keeps “blinking” in red and white so I’m curious to what this could be ?

I do not recall creating a syslog service, and I dont know what the “flashing” in red means
I did install sshguard lately, but Im not sure when this was exactly

Any suggestions?
Kind regards

That means /usr/lib/systemd/system/rsyslog.service doesn’t exist (which implies you don’t have rsyslog installed). That is a dangling symlink that is going nowhere.

Something had to have created that symlink to begin with. You can check rpm -qf on it, but if you don’t get a package, it’s likely fine to remove.

Thanks for your reply

Is there any way to discover what caused to create this symblink?

systemctl enable rsyslog.service would create such link.