Suggestions for auto update

Hi everyone!

I want to schedule a cron jobs to update everything at night. I found 2 solutions to achieve it:


To be honest. I am still new here, and really curious for any suggestions. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I think the best way to be honest, rather than mess around with cron, is just install the dnf-automatic packages as per the tecmint post. You can edit the /etc/dnf-automatic.conf file and change from default to security and then it will apply only the security updates instead of every single package available. In theory default shouldn’t really cause any issues, but I think with updates it’s best to deal with it manually because if something does go wrong, you know when exactly it happened and don’t have to trawl through a history of logs files to find out when it happened, and which package update did it.

If you really want the automatic route, for now I would start with security instead of default - as shown on the tecmint article. I prefer to manually update, but that’s just me :slight_smile:


Hi there!

Thank you for taking a time to answer my question. Coming, all the way from non-linux OS. I found rocky linux really solid and stable. By the way, if you don’t mind me asking how often do you manually update?

My laptop which has Linux on it, I generally update it as soon as the updates appear. With servers it varies, but usually once per week, sometimes more often, sometimes less often. If I need to do updates and it will stop people accessing the application then I have to plan it for an evening at some point.

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Thank you for taking a time to answer my question. I hope the best for you! Stay safe and stay healthy :wink: