SSH connexion problem


I currently have a problem on Rocky 9.1,
I have 2 accounts on a machine the root account and the toto account, if I change the password of the root account I reboot the machine and I try to connect in ssh to the latter via the root account I am in Access Denied on the other hand if I connect with the toto account to the latter I can connect and by connecting it gives me access again in ssh connection with the root account and vice versa if I change the password of the toto account.
I’m running out of ideas that’s why I’m asking for your help.


Password access for root account is disabled by default. You would need to enable in /etc/ssh/sshd_config the option:

PermitRootLogin yes

the option by default only allows SSH keys to be used, therefore password logins will fail until this is changed.

Sorry for not precise this but in my case the root account is allow to connect by ssh with the lign you send

Can I rephrase?

  1. You have accounts X and Y on machine S
  2. You change password of X on S
  3. Reboot S
  4. You can’t ssh to X@S from client machine C
  5. You can ssh to Y@S from client machine C
  6. After step 5 you can ssh to X@S from client machine C

Is that what happens?

If you reboot again, then does it again require ssh to Y@S once before you can ssh to X@S?

Yes exactly you summed it up well, it’s actually clearer like that.
Yes I tested other reboot and that does not change the problem, I also tried to type the old password of the root account but that does not work either.

For information the root account is configured so that the password never expires