Sources of the packages?

For the other major OS’s I can easy find the sources, but where are it for Rocky?
For CentOS for example:
or Fedora:

But for Rocky I don’t have find an git source.

Hi @tux

As you can see on the wiki page, the sources are here: Groups · Explore · GitLab

Thanks, that was it, what I was looking for.
Because I need sometime the sources to build hot fixes until the merged into upstream.

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No worries!

As there are some patched packages, you might want to read the wiki pages for these, if you are interested :slight_smile:

But generally the patches are merged in the staging rpms repos, should also be explained somewhere there in the wiki :thinking:

There is also a guide in the docs which explains how packages can be built rebuilt against the lookaside package store: Development Tutorial - Documentation