Soft locks on Rocky 8.7 on AWS with FSx for Lustre client

Hello Rocky community,

My first post here… hello!

I’m running Rocky 8.7 on AWS and trying to use the FSx for Lustre filesystem with it. When I install the client as per the AWS instructions, here:

(The compatibility matrix says 8.7 should work with the Lustre client and my contact at AWS is saying it works for him.)

The client install successfully. Then I try to mount:

sudo mount -t lustre -o noatime,flock /mnt/fsx

… that results in soft lock to the syslog:

Message from syslogd@flame01 at Jul 17 07:15:46 ... kernel:watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#3 stuck for 22s! [pmdalinux:27713]

Then the system becomes unresponsive. The only way out is to terminate the instance via the AWS console.

I’m by no means a linux expert and so afriad I’m all out of ideas. Can anyone lead me in the right direction please?

In case it’s useful, here’s my post on AWS re:Post:

Thank you very much!

Ok, with AWS support’s help, turns out I had to update the kernel then all good.

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