Snap doesn't want to work

Hi everyone! Snap has stopped working since switching to Rocky Linux. I get this error when installing snap packages: error: system does not fully support snapd: cannot mount squashfs image using "squashfs": mount: /tmp/sanity-mountpoint-612711555: unbekannter Dateisystemtyp „squashfs“. Do you have any ideas how I can get Snap to work again?


I’m sorry to hear you’ve had problems with snap after converting your system to Rocky Linux.

I’ve tested install of snap in a clean CentOS 8.4 system followed by a migration to Rocky Linux using our latest script and have no problem running a snap’d application from before the migration (youtube-dl) or installing a new application after migration (vlc).

[vagrant@centos8u4 ~]$ cat /etc/rocky-release
Rocky Linux release 8.4 (Green Obsidian)

[vagrant@centos8u4 ~]$ sudo grubby --info=ALL | grep title
title="CentOS Linux (4.18.0-305.3.1.el8.x86_64) 8"
title="Rocky Linux (4.18.0-305.el8.x86_64) 8.4 (Green Obsidian)"
title="CentOS Linux (0-rescue-68b26b8a592f4c1e8fe1665c5bbadfd5) 8"

[vagrant@centos8u4 ~]$ uname -r

[vagrant@centos8u4 ~]$ snap --version
snap    2.50-1.el8
snapd   2.50-1.el8
series  16
rocky   8.4
kernel  4.18.0-305.el8.x86_64

[vagrant@centos8u4 ~]$ snap list
Name        Version                Rev    Tracking       Publisher   Notes
core18      20210507               2066   latest/stable  canonical✓  base
snapd       2.50.1                 12057  latest/stable  canonical✓  snapd
youtube-dl  2021.01.16+gitb79977f  3805   latest/stable  joeborg     -

[vagrant@centos8u4 ~]$ sudo snap install vlc
vlc 3.0.14 from VideoLAN✓ installed

The problem you are having may be specific to the application you’re trying to install with snap.

If you can provide more information about your version of snap and the application you are trying to install and I’ll can attempt to replicate your issue and if I can I may be able to suggest a solution.

Please note…

Rocky Linux is still in Release Candidate state. It’s possible Canonical and/or the developer providing the snap will not support their application in Rocky until it has reached full General Availability (GA) status.

The problem occurs regardless of the snap application on which I want to install. In particular, I want to install certbot with snap.

cat /etc/rocky-release
Rocky Linux release 8.4 (Green Obsidian)

sudo grubby --info=ALL | grep title
title="Rocky Linux (4.18.0-305.el8.x86_64+debug) 8.4 (Green Obsidian)"
title="Rocky Linux (4.18.0-305.el8.x86_64) 8.4 (Green Obsidian)"
title="CentOS Linux (0-rescue-3508a1fe262c415885426967afbafc25) 8"

uname -r

snap --version
snap    2.50-1.el8
snapd   2.50-1.el8
series  16
rocky   8.4
kernel  4.18.0-305.el8.x86_64+debug

Snap applications are no longer installed.

Are your snap applications visible / installed if you boot to the non-debug kernel?

Of those items in your grub2 menu I believe the middle one is the kernel for your migrated system.

Not sure how you got a +debug kernel installed for Rocky… that’s the first time I’ve seen that. Is that entry pointing at an alternate installation on this machine which perhaps has a different / partition as well?

The debug kernel can be installed as an extension from the official repos. This helps when debugging kernel modules, for example. However, this has no effect on snap.

That’s unfortunate… I can’t reproduce your problem in my test environment which was a CentOS 8.4 system migrated to Rocky 8.4. I don’t think you mentioned what your original install was. Was it CentOS? If so, which version? If not, what was the el8 OS you migrated from to Rocky?

I upgraded from CentOS 7 to 8. After the upgrade I migrated to Rocky Linux with the migrate2rocky script.

OK. I can try a similar upgrade with minimal system but am not confident I’ll reproduce. It may be best to contact snap community directly and perhaps better when Rocky is GA. I’ll let you know how it goes…

All right Thank you very much in advance for your help.