Setting up a pxe server

I’m having trouble finding which repo and packages I need to get a pxeboot server setup on RL 8.x. The dhcp-server package is there but I can’t find any rpm’s that contain pxeos.

I figure I’m just looking in the wrong places and would appreciate a pointer to where I can find the right packages.

I would start with just ‘dnsmasq’ and ‘syslinux-tftpboot’ because the dnsmasq can act as DHCP, DNS, and TFTP servers.

If you’re looking to start from scratch, tftp-server is the first package you start with. PXE is generally done over TFTP. This will require you to setup DHCP, DNS, and TFTP generally by hand. This is a good resource that shows examples of how to setup all of those services, though it is missing the PXE/TFTP portion. There’s also this if you want to use grub2 for your PXE setup.

If you’re looking for something that can help with a lot of the leg work for you, install epel-release and then install the cobbler packages. See this for more information on cobbler. (Note that cobbler may not have direct grub2 support yet)