Setting the hostname at GUI install time?

Using the GUI installer, where you set language, date, time etc., the network screen has a field where you enter the hostname, by default it’s ‘localhost.localdomain’. Assuming a home network, should I enter just a “short” hostname, without localdomain, or the full name? Or, is it better to just leave it until after install, and then use hostnamectl?

I’m also interested in the case where install is automated, and/or where it’s a libvirt guest?


For home Desktop or laptop machine I normally use a short name (I have 5-6 machines at home so adding a unique helps to know which one is which) but you can change this any time with the command you mentioned above

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First, I don’t have a publicly registered DNS-domainname, but I have control of my DHCP and DNS.
I do use domain-name that I hope to be and stay unique.
My DHCP hands out persistent addresses and hostnames, and the coupled DNS does resolve the names of my subnet.

Therefore, I don’t set hostname in installer or otherwise. The transient name taken from DHCP suffices.