Secure Boot - latest shim status?


Is there any update on the status of the latest secure boot shim for Rocky? Believe as per Rocky Linux 8.5 Secure Boot Error that there were some issues with the signing request with MS being closed due to upstream CVEs needing resolution. Are these resolved yet? Is a new signing request in with MS?


Rocky 8 works with Secure Boot.
But actually I came to these forums to ask why RL9 does not have anything in the “EFI/BOOT” directory in the mirrors. Is RL9 not supporting Secure Boot?

I did (minimal) install from RL9 “DVD” image on system that has Secure Boot. That support does exist. (Although, RL9 has that “15.4” shim like RL8.)

Index of /pub/rocky/9/BaseOS/x86_64/os/EFI/BOOT/ does have more than just grub.cfg (while my nearest mirror does not). Perhaps this is an issue in sync of mirrors?

Yes, my question was around the latest shim status (i.e. 15.5) to resolve the VMware compatibility issues, rather than general Rocky Secure boot status.

Indeed, that HTTP server has always had the necessary files. All other mirrors, including the master rsync servers, were missing them. The issue seems to be fixed now as of the last 24 hours.