Screen will blank after boot to Rocky Linux 8.8 OS installation on Aspeed AST2600

An issue as the title.
Issue also occurred on RHEL 8.8 and it is know issue in there
Does Rocky Linux will fix the issue? Thanks.

RHEL 8.8 know issue description as following:
The installer freezes on servers with ASPEED 2600
The installer freezes on servers with ASPEED 2600

When you start the graphical RHEL 8.8 installer on a server with the ASPEED 2600 On System Management Chipset, the installer becomes unresponsive with a black screen. Consequently, you cannot install RHEL 8.8 on the server.

To work around the issue, add either of the following options on the kernel command line when booting the installer:

  • nomodeset
  • drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=edid/1024x768.bin

As a result, the installation proceeds as expected.

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