Samba ad dc ( active directory domain controller )

Has anyone successfully installed samba ad dc ( active directory domain controller ) in Rocky linux?
If so, what does it take? Red Hat briefly mentions that samba ad dc is not supported.
Thanks for your help

From what I see, samba-ad-dc.service doesn’t exist, so unlike Debian/Ubuntu howto’s, it looks like doing a package install from the Rocky repos is not going to allow you to do it. Unless I am mistaken.

Searching for example centos samba active directory gives you this: 15 steps to setup Samba Active Directory DC CentOS 8 | GoLinuxCloud which is doing a lot of stuff from source to get it installed and running.

So unless there is some third-party repository which has the samba packages available, that looks like your only route by doing it from source.

Thank you. I managed using the link you provided.

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Is this to do with RedHat pushing people to use their IDM alternative?

That’s not the full truth. The issue is MIT vs Heimdal kerberos. Red Hat compiles against MIT kerberos. In Fedora land, it is possible to install samba and get the AD functionality, but it’s experimental, not recommended, and missing general functionality to run a functioning AD forest.