Run mount command as normal user in a script


I’m currently writing a shell script for incremental backups on an external hard disk, for a desktop PC running Rocky Linux 8 with a single user.

Script is almost working perfectly. It uses rsnapshot under the hood, which uses a nifty combination of rsync and hard links to make incremental backups.

I’m missing one last thing for it to work. So far I can manage to run it as a normal user (bernard).

When I open Dolphin and click on an external hard disk, I can “mount” it in graphic mode.

How would I perform the same operation on the command line, e. g. mount an external hard disk as a normal user ?

The fstab mount options had “user” or something?

The other option would be automounting (set up as root, but mounts when you try to access the path).


Putting user in the fstab options did the trick. Thanks !