Rockylinux /boot/efi file time exception

Rockylinux8.4 or Rockylinux9.0 /boot/efi file time is 1970 Jan 1. But the subdirectory time is the system installation time . Why?


What you’re seeing is normal behavior. Fedora (and likely other distributions) will report the same information. You will find this is normal with mkfs.vfat, for example.

[root@sani ~]# mkfs.vfat -C example.img 1440
mkfs.fat 4.2 (2021-01-31)
[root@sani ~]# mkdir /media/vfat
[root@sani ~]# mount -o loop example.img /media/vfat
[root@sani ~]# ls -l /media
total 7
drwxr-xr-x. 2 root root 7168 Dec 31  1969 vfat
[root@sani ~]#

Note: Rocky Linux 8.4 and 9.0 are no longer supported. Please update your system to address security vulnerabilities and system bugs.

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