[RockyLinux 9 PXE Installation] Error: "Can't find installer main image path in


I’m encountering an error while attempting to install RockyLinux 9 via a PXE server. The client machine displays the following error message:

“Can’t find installer main image path in .treeinfo”

  • Operating System: RockyLinux 9 (both server and client)

Basiclly I followed this tuto
and i am getting this error

I’d appreciate any guidance on how to resolve this issue. Please let me know if you require additional information.

Thank you in advance for your help!

The error is pretty clear. The installer main image cannot be found.

It would be helpful to know what your configuration looks like. Looking at that page, it’s hard to guess what yours may look like. So the only guesses (until you provide your config, where your files are at, and so on) would be a misconfiguration on where inst.repo is pointing to or the data that it has. It would also be helpful to know more than just that error, such as what the on screen logs look like.

With that said, perhaps taking a look at my guide may be helpful for you. In particular, the adding distributions section. Granted, I use grub2, but the mirroring of the DVD download and boot options such as inst.repo and inst.stage2 still apply.

this is what the screen is showing.

so I basically used the same configuration as in the youtube video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH3nqL-pVTQ

The error is clear: Server denied you to change to the given directory. You will need to address this on your FTP server.

but it’s looking for a file that doesn’t exist (or is in the wrong place)…
because when I go to the path it indicates in the error I can’t find what it’s looking for (…/LiveOS/squashfs.img for example)

You are either missing .treeinfo or you are using the wrong .treeinfo file.

It will either be one or more of these issues:

  • Missing .treeinfo in /pub/rocky9, it needs to sit next to BaseOS/AppStream/images/EFI and so on
  • You have .treeinfo, and it’s configured incorrectly - Use the one from the ISO.
  • You have .treeinfo, it’s configured correctly, and your boot options may be misconfigured

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