Rocky Linux 9 - Freeradius-Postgresql

Hello everyone,

I have just noticed that there already seems to be a build of freeradius-postgresql for RHEL9 (freeradius-postgresql-3.0.21-9.el9.aarch64.rpm | RPM Info | CentOS Stream BuildSys) but it is currently not available through Rocky Linux Mirrors (Index of /pub/rocky/9.0/AppStream/x86_64/os/Packages/f/).

Is it a malfunction? Does it just take time until the package is build and available in Rocky Linux 9?

Thanks and have a good day!
Greetings from Germany

While not supported, you can use freeradius-postgresql by enabling the devel repository in Rocky temporarily, eg dnf install freeradius-postgresql --enablerepo=devel

The reason why you don’t see freeradius-postgresql normally is because it’s not provided by CentOS Stream 9 nor RHEL 9. But the package is built when freeradius is built either way. We do keep a devel repository around to ensure these packages can potentially be installed or used in some form in the event Red Hat does not provide them normally.