Rocky Linux 8 : show local SELinux booleans?


Under RHEL 7 / CentOS 7, there was a simple way to show local SELinux booleans. Let’s consider the following example. Imagine I’m starting from a vanilla CentOS 7 installation, and I define the following boolean:

# setsebool -P httpd_enable_homedirs on

Now this file appears in /etc/selinux/targeted/active/booleans.local like this:

# This file is auto-generated by libsemanage
# Do not edit directly.

I just gave this a try with Rocky Linux 8, but there seems to be no booleans.local file.

How would I display local SELinux booleans under RHEL 8 / Rocky Linux 8 ?

With getsebool, I guess.

I found the following command, which seems to work:

# semanage boolean --list --locallist
httpd_enable_homedirs          (on   ,   on)  Allow httpd to enable homedirs
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