Rocky Linux 8 NIS client issue

Hello, I am facing a problem while trying to configure NIS client on Rocky Linux 8.6 (minimal installation). The same configuration works perfectly with CeNTOS 7, and I’m in the process of updating the OS of a lab to Rocky. I have followed this tutorial: CentOS 5 - NIS Server - Configuration for NIS client : Server World. Although ypbind seems to work fine, as I am getting the correct output from the commands ypwhich and ypcat passwd, when attempting to remote through ssh to NIS host, I am getting a permission denied error message. I am suspicious about the contents of the /etc/nsswitch.conf file and also whether this file is replaced by the /etc/authselect/nsswitch.conf. I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance!

I have been running into the same issue (permission denied). I was able to remedy the issue. When you do a ypcat passwd are your passwords in clear text, mine were. I had to reset the passwords with yppasswd, but I had to tell yppasswd to hash the password.

Verify the password is in plain txt

ypcat passwd

Set environment variable to use the hashing


verify variable is set


Reset password

passwd user_name

Verify the password is hashed

ypcat passwd

try login again

Good Luck!

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