Rocky Linux 8.7 cloud image Rocky-8-GenericCloud-Base.latest.x86_64.qcow2 seems broken


When try to create server with qemu from this image it is not possible and freeze on “Booting from Hard Disk”. See attached screenshot. The checksum of the downloaded content has been verified. Please check what is the reason for that and if the available image is ok, how we can use it.

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Delyan Yanev

This is a known issue: 0000892: Rocky Linux 8.7 Generic Cloud only bootable with UEFI - Rocky BugTracker

If you use the --boot uefi flag, it should work. But the images should be bootable on both BIOS and UEFI setups. Over the weekend or next week we’ll issue a new image with the fix, time permitting with the holidays in the US.

Thank you very much for the provided information.


We checked, that new image versions are available since 22 Nov but again the server cannot boot from this image. Please see the screenshot.

@neil are you able to rebuild the RL8.7 GenerioCloud as they seem to boot just into grub and nothing more?

Yep. The latest versions of the images on the mirrors should have that fixed, I believe. Please let me know if they are still broken!

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Hm. Speaking with @iwalker more they’re still broken. I’m going to kick off a new build and see what happens