Rocky Linux 8.6 boot from iSCSI

I’m trying to install Rocky Linux 8.6 in a SAN to be able to boot from iSCSI.

In the install process all is working correctly; bonding interface and vlan are created correctly as you can see in the following screenshots:

After that, in the installation destination section the remote iscsi disk is also discovered correctly and the multipath driver is showing the different paths for the disk:

The installation finishes correctly as expected without errors:

The problem comes after reboot; the booting process got stuck when trying to boot the swap disk because it doesn’t found it:

After a while, it raises a timeout and starts the dracut emergency shell:

It seems that the dracut doesn’t create correctly the initramfs with the multipath, bonding and vlan drivers, and for that problem, cannot boot the partitions.

I’ve also tried without bonding and vlan with the same results.

Any help on this would be appreciated.