Rocky fails to boot through virtualbox with proper bios virtualization options enabled

I’m trying to import rocky to WSL via method # 1 provided by the rocky docs site

I cant manage to get the system to start (this time around) initially i wanted to set up a fully functional rocky installation, just in case the WSL import didnt work. complete with EFI support and everything as a testing and learning tool, but opted instead for a minimal install this time around. when that stopped working after the first reboot i decided to just go for more basic options for compatitbility reasons, but it wont even start the first time now, and ive spent over two hours reconfiguring it (I know, it comes AS-IS lol) and reached a dead end at this point. All i can think of is reinstalling Vbox.

here’s the vbox log

and the config file

Thanks in advance to anyone with any insight